steal her look: virgin mary

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Pep in Moscow right now outside the Ritz Carlton Team Hotel due to a fire alarm

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do you people realize that Bastian will probably be retiring in two or three seasons depending on the amount of injuries he’s gonna have bc this is something I just remembered and you know what I am not ready for this

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      He is selfish, he does dive and he has missed shots that some fans would consider contributing factors to post-traumatic stress disorder. He’s as frustrating to watch as he is to play against. He’ll always cut inside and he’ll always shoot with his left, but somehow it will always work.

      The stadium vibrates when he prepares to step on the field. Small children, dressed in number 10 shirts and seated up high in section 239, point and cheer as he makes his first contact with the ball.

      Arjen Robben is flawed, but he is a hero. Our hero.

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We’re finally on top of the table which means that I’m finally able to use this gif god bless


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I love your weird face → Thomas Müller

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philipp lahm is back in his rightful position 


the world is back on track

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Pep escapes the slaps that follow after a missed keepy uppy

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"Ich bin der deutscheste Spanier"

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Bayern Munich Fans asked by

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