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what manuel neuer really thinks.. [asked by weloveneuer & anon]

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                Hermann Gerland remembers perfectly the conversation he had with his wife. In almost two decades as Bayern Munich’s youth coaching guru, Gerland - known as “Der Tiger” - has seen dozens of players come through, but this one stands out. The prodigy in question was 17. He was a small, slight boy. Gerland thought he had a potential world-beater on his hands, a once-in-a-generation talent, but nobody else quite saw it that way. "He had no chance in the first team," he said. "Nobody thought he would make it." The doubts played on Gerland’s mind. He could not make the others understand. He recalled, “My wife said that maybe I was wrong, that maybe if everybody said he was not good enough, then maybe…” He did not finish his sentence. Maybe, she meant, he just was not good enough. But Gerland was not willing to contemplate the possibility. "I told her that if he did not play for Bayern, I would throw in my licence and go and coach water polo," he said.

                It is a little more than 12 years since Gerland went to war for Lahm. Even Gerland must be surprised just how spectacularly he has been proven right. Lahm is captain of Bayern. He has led them to titles and to the Champions League. Few would debate he is the finest fullback in the world. You could even make a case that he might also be the best midfielder in the world, such as Bayern manager Pep Guardiola has hailed Lahm as the most intelligent player he has ever encountered.

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Ich möchte mich bedanken bei meinen Mitspielern und Bayern. Vielen Dank für das Vertrauen und die Unterstützung besonders meinen Fans, weil ohne Euch das alles nicht möglich gewesen wäre. Ich habe das Bayern-Trikot immer mit Stolz getragen. Beim vorigen Trainer Jupp Heynckes, mit dem ich meine größten Erfolge feiern durfte, möchte ich mich ebenfalls sehr herzlich bedanken. Abschiede tun weh - aber die schönen Erinnerungen bleiben für immer. Ich wünsche allen Mitarbeitern von Herzen alles Gute und viel Erfolg auf ihrem weiteren Lebens- und Arbeitsweg. Noch einmal danke!

- Mario Mandzukic via Instagram

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Anonymous: i really love your profile picture, would you mind sharing it? i want to save it as my phone's background :3

thank you :3 sure, here you go

people who photograph players with their gf/etc. in their holidays are the worst like can’t you fucking let them alone for some minutes

you can stalk them for the rest of the fucking year 

vikt0rfischer hat gesagt: for what? and good luck, i wish you that it will be easy and you wont feel any pain and a lots of health of course! :) <3

my nose because I can’t breath properly and it’s difficult for me to lay in bed and not to hyperventilate but thank you that’s really sweet of you :3 <3

fangirldutchnt hat gesagt: what’s wrong why do you need a operation

I can’t breath properly so I need to get parts of my nose done 

So I have an operation in 4 days

and I’m preeeeeetty nervous


Thomas hat eine Golfwette verloren gegen einen Betreuer, als Strafe musste er einen Abend im Dirndl für die Mannschaft kellnern :D

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